Apr. 14th, 2017

sewing day

Apr. 14th, 2017 08:56 am
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I wound up breaking out the overlocker all day instead of working on horns. Which was probably wise. The rain is still leaving everything damp so curing would be risky.

So I zipped around the edges of my Worth sunburst skirt (the satin is so perfectly buttery that it was just nice to do!) and used the drafted bodice pattern from the 1876 tool to trace a new pattern for my new Phantom wedding dress bodice. I did use the vintage organza after all so that leaves some of the crepe for a potential Moulin Rouge dress. If I ever find a trim that works!

So that was tracing and transferring the pattern to a layer of twill, a layer of calico, and a layer of organza then overlocking all the edges tidy.

And then finally I cut the trim for my Cleves sleeves having removed the colour from the silk. And that leaves some softer trim for the undersleeves.


And finally, my last cast from my Ahsoka molds finally worked!


And another test. I definitely got more detail in some aspects but it definitely needs a lot more images to get a good model 🙂

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My @masseffect ANGLhoody is now a cat bed. This is not going to be fun to clean….

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#maleficent2014 horns in action. The deep crevices are guides to where the support edge will sit.

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First good cast just in time for #ahsokalives day!

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My photo is now a super smooth set of digital horns 🙂 #sculptris is making me want to get #zbrush

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