Apr. 10th, 2017

I’m still getting myself sorted to get them digitally made but I am a very tactile person so I want a set that is a direct result of hands on material manipulating.

It’s just that muscle memory thing. I was getting muscle memory in Sketchup but it’s still much lighter compared to what I know through my hands on clay.

Anyway. It will potentially be a big mess so I’m just slowly gathering materials 🙂


But if it works I should be able to also then do a range of horn shapes the same way 🙂


And today  I’m meeting up with another friend to go look at the stuff in Barnes (totally getting the very last supplies I can invest in Ahsoka. Due to the weather fluctuations (hot, cold, wet, more wet) curing conditions are not maintainable unless I set my fan heater up (warm on cold and wet days, just fan on a day like right now. But today could easily turn very wet.


So we went and I now have latex, ABS filament, and acetone. There shall be some mixing happening tonight and then laying up tomorrow!

Latex from #barnes, abs filament from Jaycar, and acetone from Mitre10. Dremel used to chop abs into short easily dissolved pieces. I’ve done this with plain styrene but this is a little different. Also the 3mm abs is the same size as for the 3doodler, now to try and straighten the filament to work with it !

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On way to #chromacon2017 and funnily enough getting a few weird looks. Miss Verity Pride however has not been on an outing in a while!

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