May. 22nd, 2017

I was trying to boot from my back up ssd in the first place.


That said, this one boots even from a forced shutdown (haven’t tried cutting power as per a power cut) so it seems to be a good solid drive for the OS. My old ssd is five years old, and while I probably have a few more years of write cycles I did need to get a new one.

I do however have a ridiculous numbver of drivers for my USB ports- I mean i know there are 8, two of which are triple ports (? in bios I see port 3_1, 3_2 etc.)

But yay! Allll my files are safe, so once I get those drivers over here I can start tidying the old SSD.

Only downside- my drivers for my USB 3 ports are a bit munted. SO I need to have a look at what is different in each system and see if I can get them working.

So the chipset for the controller is one manufacturer, the builder of the rest of the component is another. The chipset maker only has drives up to win 7, the rest of the component up to win 8 for the other controller, and win 7 for the former.)

So by updating win 8 to win 10 I seem to have been lucky the first time in how my drivers where handled. This fresh install did not.

So. It’s okay now that I can make hot ports and get my harddrives out quickly (my tower is not acccessible friendly!)




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