May. 8th, 2017

Yep, doing another series of workshops this time with a “single” focus of getting participants a full set of patterns that work together to make a frock from 1870-1900.

Where: Waitakere Central Library, Auckland, New Zealand

When: Saturday afternoons

Dates- TBC, after the Steampunk Festival but over June and July.

The basic frock will be plain, but over the course of the series of workshops there will be moments to stop and be able to think about materials, patterns, layers. And there will be a whole workshop dedicated to draperies and trimming. Yep. Hands on waterfall!

Oh yes. I am keen to make this work for everyone from living history folks, to Steampunk, to cosplay (have I mentioned my Elsa is based on this modular system? Well she was. And that is why my skirt looks the way it does- it is actually a victorian skirt.

So the dates are yet to be confirmed but it will work around the Oamaru Steampunk festival and SCA midwinter. So I am putting out feelers for whether people want a weekly or fortnightly.

Also while these are frocks, and they are challenge there is no upper or lower age, nor experience needed, nor gender bias. The point of the workshops is to get a toolkit to be creative. If you have no experience with sewing you will pick up some handy hints as what I will be focusing on is the engineering. There will be new terms as well.

And I really am keen on getting at least two more cutting tools made up, so there will be a chance to play with them too 🙂

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May. 8th, 2017 07:42 am
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THEY ARE BACK!!! All the old late historic files are back! (copied and pasted so to make it easier 🙂 ) There are heaps of unfinished projects that I’ll get up at some other time 🙂

|| historic- late ||


sm_P1000252  sm-minalittlenoise sm_DSCN5245

1881 Wishing Gown ||1887 Mina photo by Little Noise || 1876 Portrait of a Lady


1810 Lizzy Bennett || 1830s day dress || 1850 sheer day dress

1876 voile and velvet || 1880s sheer || 1887 grey

 1889 hunter || 1906 day dress || 1908 day dress


Vintage 1920s Robe de Style

With a separated rib you are at risk of extra funtimes. Avoid accidents kids, they aren’t just a temporary annoyance they can have lasting impacts.

Anyway. I have a virus, I didn’t meet anyone with symptoms so this is a very nasty one so watch ou . I will be ensconced in my room as soon as I get home from my rheumy visit. Oh yeah. Today is the 4 month check up to see if I can get my infusions twice a year. This may influence that decision except I’m fairly sure it’s the Leflunomide that is more of a risk as I have already had to take half the dose.

Time for paracetamol!

If I can be upright I’ll try and get the early historic section of my site up.

Oh and I have a handy xml editor so am going year by year through my LJ to find the actual content and get that content back in my site. So far 2002 has been done. I was so young. It’s okay behbeh me, you grow and you learn.


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