Apr. 24th, 2017

So my rib is not likely to be broken, but I need to rest, which means sitting up is bad for long.

I’m not sure if I feel sick from lying down or from medication (NSAIDs) or because of exactly where I hurt which is sort of right in line with my tummy.

All said I feel fevery and want to just sleep this away.

And it’s a hot day today after several days of cool. That may be part of it. Okay some green tea with lemon and some paracetamol. At least I have the ACC form filled out and it is not the most embarrassing series of events ever.

I couldn’t be bothered sitting down so I leaned over my chair and dislodged a rib on the back of it.

Perfectly normal.

Actually no. It means my eyesight is getting worse- ooh yeah. It is bad. And uneven- my monitor looks like it is strobing if I look at it just right. To the optometrist! Though eye pressure might be part of the mix.

So my books are already winging their way from Central Basement (where all the cool books live.) and I did fond at least one maybe two online references from the Worth bibliography.

Still no sign of The cloud patten nor The ray pattern. There are stars though (yuss!!) but the clouds prove eluxive.

And then I saw an ad on facebook.

How To DIY a Balloon Garland

And this is lovely, I’ve seen them before and like the idea of one like this with pastels and…..oh dear.

I can no longer unsee.


No but seriously the cloud patterns used on other garments use tapering scrolling ahapes. So the hunt for the orgiginal design continues!

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