Apr. 11th, 2017

This feels a lot like working with a gel coat, or otherwise thick epoxy resin coat. It’s just an evaporative set up. #Absjuice. I am not too concerned right now with super smoothness as this can be sanded. But a set of horns will take maybe 200gm all up.

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Apr. 11th, 2017 05:36 am
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It shouldn’t be but here.

A goddess with shiny horns. Yeah. That is left of field. But a textures bodysuit with 3D details and a big accessory is so not in my wheelhouse at all????


But seriously, I did fall in love with the costume details in the images that were released 🙂 Oh yay, looking at the hi res image the texture detail is nice and flat. Often these costumes have a fairly dimensional print but this could be outsourced. Hang on. Silver. Still needs to be screen printed. Hmm…


I bruise easily so usually ignore them but oh my. It’s the tops of my tibia, much worse on my left. I tend to sit on the floor and tend to get up on my left.

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That amber cure… So happy with this latex. Brush on vs spray/dip 🙂

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#absjuice is just abs dissolved in acetone. Styrene does (or did for me) a weird thing where it makes a goo that can be manipulated. This is quite syrupy. Any less though and it is not able to be painted. Load a filbert with loads of goop so that you don’t drag previous layers out of place with the brush.

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I will still work in sketchup to make my Ahsoka hilts but I need something a bit more powerful than Sculptris or Remake to do what I need to do for all the horns.. I can’t easily find an ability to copy and take out selections in either so what the heck.

Oh sculptris looks brilliant for putting textures on, but my Remakes models are the full scene when all I want is the head. ANd so I can probably use sculptis to make my own fantasy horns, my head cast and put them into blender and assemble in digital space.

I have tried to make my horns in Sketch up. it’s.. well the curve is a bit too complicated otherwise is is pretty easy to make a twisted cone. It’s the very particular curves of this sculpt!

Basically we are having our third severe weather event in just over a month so working on plastic and latex or anything that will be affected by condensation is not a goer today.

I will also work on my Worth beading pattern 🙂 So excited 🙂 All new post about that one too 🙂

So after finding the short cuts to delete selections and delete inverted selection I did isolate my horns in ReMake and I did then manage to get them into Sculptris and have been smoothing and pinching and generally finding it really pleasant. Intuitive I think.

Just have to remember that there is a limited number of times you can undo!



The brush is also cool, I need to see if I can change the shape not just size but the pinching, crease, and smoothing tool have done so much already!

And yes, I am building this as a symmetric piece so it may need care when I print- but I am inflating the base so that should give enough room to put in a foam layer for comfort.


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