Mar. 30th, 2017

Rereading for obvious reasons. Yes the little book is the book I remember the beading is not what I recall so next on the future projects pile is to make my own beaded tablier design 🙂

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Can you see the soot? Yeah… That’s how long ago I really worked on this! #sunburst #worth next step is to remove the last of the yellow from the satin.

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10m of chiffon colour removed 🙂 also exciting, the satin scrap also faded which means I will get more remover and redo all the satin 🙂

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All my self drafted pattrns in one place. In the folder are scaled diagrams. In the blue card envelops are mainly flat patterns but also some card (armour and complicated bodysuits) and in the plastic a mix of WIP and templates to keep.

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#sunburst silk before and after RIT color remover. Before was with Dylon Pre-Dye. In each case make sure the powder is powder, don’t accept a pack if it feels solid. This is an oxidative process that also uses water. When a solid rock it literally can’t work.

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